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bespoke & handmade

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Private Workshop

Athens, GR



Shopfront design of an 85sqm jewellery workshop with basement and garden set over three levels.

Glass screens at street level open to an open plan ground level. The furniture layout divides the space according to use into a shopfront/exhibition area, a workshop area and a sitting/reading area.


At street level, three wooden frames stand out - a 'poster frame' for announcing upcoming events and two pivoting 'jewellery display frames'. The 'jewellery frames' are made from different types of reclaimed wood - oak, walnut, pine, birch, forming a patchwork of wooden blocks of various sizes and depths. The extruded wood provides shelving for the jewellery to be displayed while the pivoting system allows for the displays to easily open and close from inside the shop.

Inside the shop area, a mesh wall unit provides storage space for jewellery and packaging. The horizontal and vertical lines in the design of the unit and the extruded wooden boxes work in parallel with the play of depth of the shopfront 'jewellery display frames'.​

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