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bespoke & handmade

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​τόπος, ο [tόpos]

Group Exhibition 12-15 Oct 

six d.o.g.s project space / athens


Standing with feet on the ground, I am reflecting upon all the places I have been to – places I have called a home. The shape of a circle contains reflections of textures, colours and the earth that define my sense of belonging to a place – my topos.


The ceramic vessels presented in the exhibition have been hand-pinched and worked to sizes that can be contained in the palm of my hand. Traces of my fingerprints connect myself with the beholder, to whom the vessel is offered as a jewellery container.


Standing above the ground, on feet of different styles, the tripod jewellery vessels showcase a character of their own!

Jewellery Vessels

pinch pots / stoneware clay / 1230°


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